Services Cost
Recovery of the cylinder coating two-stroke engines
up to 85 cm3 140$
up to 125 cm3 150$
up to 250 cm3 160$
up to 500 cm3 170$
Recovery of the cylinder coating four-stroke engines
up to 250 cm3 150$
up to 500 cm3 160$
more than 500 cm3 170$
Recovery of the cylinder coating two-cylinder blocks 320$
Welding-up of deteriorations 20-40$
Cylinder disassembly 6$
Boring for piston oversize dimension 0
Cylinder honing 6$
Cylinders to Exchange

Scheduled time: 2 weeks.

Upon request of our customer, a repaired cylinder can be completed with a piston and gaskets made by Viseko, Atena, Wossntr, Pro X, Namura, Vertex.
Guarantee for a coating makes 1 year. Guarantee is not provided in case of mechanical damage, abrasive wear and damage due to detonation.

General recommendations

We apply cylinder coating similar to the coating applied by manufacturers of your equipment. Therefore, all recommendations specified in user manual for your motor remain in force. Your attention, carefulness and compliance with manufacturer’s requirements are prerequisite for failure-free service of your motor.

How to prepare and send your cylinder

1. In the course of repair harsh chemicals are used which can cause corrosion of steel components, so all removable elements (studs, guide bushings, for cylinders of two-stroke motors: power and reed valves, cup-type seals and other components not being an integral part of the cylinder) need to be dismantled prior to sending. The cylinder must be clean.

2. In order to preform functional test of the power valve mechanism, it is preferable to send us valve, rotary axis, exhaust slide valve (depending on your motor structure).

3. Shipment across Ukraine can be made by any carrier, though ‘Nova Poshta’ is preferable.

4. For transportation from the cuntries of near and far abroad the national post or expedited delivery can be used.

5. Payment by Visa or Master cards, cash on delivery.